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Meet The Foxes

We’re The Foxes…a family on a mission to make convenience healthy and provide you with 24/7 access to the freshest and healthiest goods on the Southern Gold Coast.

Our health journey began 23 years ago when my little sister, Cassidy was born. Mum would try every alternative under the sun to try help Cassidy’s epilepsy and in turn, our knowledge and interest in natural wellness grew. We focused more on our diets and where our nutrition came from, and started shifting our lifestyle and buying habits to support small independent businesses.

With 35 years of service station history behind him, Dad became fed up with not being able to eat lunch at work and we realised the challenge of having to shop at multiple places. So in 2017, we closed our “generic” service station convenience store, and when reopening decided it was time for change. It was time to shake things up and our progression to serve healthier options began. We started with a small section of items such as coconut oil, granola and dehydrated vegetables. We then baked fresh muffins, made Turkish sandwiches and wraps, and sourced the best local pastries. Before we knew it, the word got out and customers began recommending other goods and new menu ideas. The desire to learn and do more grew and so did the contacts of local businesses, producers and suppliers we made along the way.

Then in March 2020, the World as we knew it changed, and we took the slower, quieter time to think about our core values and reinvent ourselves…we rebranded and The Fox’s Pantry was born. It was our time to clear out the conventional items you’d commonly find in bigger chains and offer alternatives that focused more on local and the little guy (doing big things of course). Our goal with The Fox’s Pantry was to replicate our pantry at home. We wanted our customers to experience the convenience of finding everything they needed in one place, no matter their dietary or lifestyle needs, and served with a dose of love too. We now offer unique local products from boutique suppliers, healthy pantry items, gourmet organic groceries, natural supplements, thoughtful gifts and using local produce and ingredients, we now make 80% of the wholesome takeaway food we sell. Oh and don’t forget…some of the best coffee on the coast!
We never expected our little ‘servo’ to evolve to what it is today, but we are so proud to have created the ultimate one-stop shop for our amazing community. Supporting small businesses that have dreams just like we do, is one of our favourite parts of what we do. I always thought we’d reach a point where the shop felt “complete” but the constant evolution to keep up with the ever-changing market is the beauty of the business. Each new item is intensely researched and we’re suckers for knowing the full story behind a brand. We thrive off the new connections and we hope our customers reap the rewards too. I feel that’s why Dad’s been in business for so long, he genuinely cares about his customers and shows interest in what they need and want to see in store. At the end of the day, everyone should have access to quality products and nutrient dense food, and our vision is to cut out the excuse of ‘healthy food is too expensive or difficult”.

In March 2021, a year after our rebrand, we entered ourselves into the “AACS Independent Store of the Year” and to our amazement, we won! It was a proud moment for our family and team, and really affirmed that our journey is on the right track. It highlighted that hard work and dedication really pays off and gosh it was such a buzz seeing our humble little store being promoted on the international stage. Our heart is to continue to be a service station like no other!

Being on the floor each day is a priority to us…we make sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face and hopefully with something unique or delicious they haven’t seen or had before. Our family live and breathe “The Fox’s Pantry” and it fills our hearts to see our dream come to life and continue to grow and attract like minded families and individuals. I began running around and serving customers at the age of ten at ‘BP Tugun’ and never thought I’d still be working alongside my Dad so many years later. Together with our amazing team and family, we’re continuing to create something special.
I find the best part of what we do is being able to do it all together. Yes, like any family, we have our disagreements but we have a common goal to create a healthier lifestyle for the community that surrounds us, both young and old, and especially those on-the-go. We’ve managed to find a good balance between the four of us, and couldn’t imagine it any other way. Dad and I are the thinkers and innovators, and Mum and my partner Oliver are the ones that reign us in and keep us on track.

At the end of the day our biggest values are family, happiness, love, resilience, courage and most importantly, good health, and we feel beyond grateful to integrate them all into The Fox’s Pantry. We’re so thankful for the lifelong friendships that we have formed, and the genuine care that our community shows for each other. Our wish is to continue to serve and build even more relationships for years to come, doing what we love most.

We hope to see you in-store soon!

Hollie (daughter Fox) and the rest of The Fox Family…
Richard (Papa Fox), Lyness (Mama Fox), Cassidy (Youngest Fox) and Oliver (my partner)

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